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Carole Freeman, Respiratory Therapist and Breathing Specialist

My formal training and background has been equal portions of Respiratory Therapy, Exercise Physiology and Massage.  My first ‘real job’ was as a Respiratory Therapist at a large medical center and university. Having no medical experience what so ever until that time, I was shocked to discover the vast majority of adult patients were in the hospital because of poor lifestyle choices. Things like; smoking, lack of exercise, diet, drugs, alcohol, lack of basic medical care, along with guns and knives. They were all things you have choices about. It didn’t take long before my life mission was to stay out of the hospital. Not because hospitals are a bad place, but because life choices are important. Then there was a couple years of graduate school majoring in Health Sciences at Loma Linda University capping of a total of 10 years of college.

Fast forward a few decades and my relatively uneventful life began to slow down. I knew exactly what I was experiencing was an onset of Asthma. This is what my patients must have felt, the tightness in the chest, the extra effort it took to draw in a breath. My dog must have wondered why I had begun walking more slowly. The doctor didn’t need to give my any instructions to use my inhaler, I knew quite well how to do it. Exhale, then a puff of the bronchodilator while breathing in deeply - followed by another.

Then something happened that changed the direction of everything. My daughter recommended I read the book Breath by James Nestor. I would listen to the audio book as I walked the dog twice a day. My eyes and ears opened wide with the information of the importance of nasal breathing. I practiced it with every step and added to it my knowledge of diaphragmatic breathing. How could it be that I’d never heard of this before? Each day I became more and more mindful of my breathing pattern and each day I gained more and more energy, my breathing became easier. In a very short time, I no longer needed my inhaler. I felt like I was turning the clock back and just kept gaining strength and endurance each month.

The study of a relatively new field of medicine became my obsession - ‘Recognizing and Treating Breathing Disorders, a multidisciplinary approach’. Breath-Taking Online is a school that encompasses the entire field of this branch of medicine. For me, learning to breathe again wasn’t just academic, it became very personal. It’s my mission now, to share this information, along with my background, to help others to breathe easier and feel younger too.

Carole Freeman, Respiratory Therapist and Breathing Specialist